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Learning and Development

We offer a training budget of $1,000 per calendar year to all employees, regardless of seniority. The budget can be used for relevant courses, books, formal qualifications, or attending conferences. $1,000 is not a hard limit. Where the costs are higher than $1,000, have a chat with your manager to increase the limit. We encourage you to share your learning with the team if possible.
In addition, outside of the annual budget, we offer unlimited access to Udemy and italki. We strongly encourage all non-technical team members to take some entry-level programming courses on Udemy to understand the basics of software development. We also strongly encourage team members who are not native English speakers and who have not worked in an English working environment to learn and practice English through italki on a regular basis.


As we are fully remote, we provide the essential equipment you need to have an ergonomic setup at home to be as productive as possible. Please spend money in a way that you think is in the best interests of the company. Please also note that items over $1,000 remain AppFlowy’s property.


Engineers are eligible for
  • Macbook Pro 14" and 16" - M1 Max / 10-Core CPU / 24-core GPU / 32GB Unified memory / 512GB or 1TB storage - Performance model
Other roles are eligible for
  • Macbook Pro - 13" / M1 / 16GB / 512GB - Standard model
  • Macbook Air - 13’’ / M1 / 16GB / 512GB - Compact model


We suggest you pick one that supports 4k. We would expect to spend $250 to $400 on a 4k 27’’ monitor.

Chairs and Desks

We offer a budget of $500 for ergonomic chairs and standing desks. The chair is likely to be the single most important element of your home office, so consider it an investment in your health, comfort, and productivity.


We offer a budget of $200 for keyboards, mice, laptop stands, and other items that complete a productive ergonomic setup at home.

Unlimited time-off

Everyone in the team has unlimited and permissionless time-off. We encourage everyone to take time off to recharge with no approval needed from their managers. We hire the best people, and we care about results, not how long you work. That’s why we trust everyone to manage their own time and act in the best interest of our company.


We understand that some people prefer to work in cafes or co-working spaces. We offer a budget of $100 per month towards coworking/cafe working, or a WeWork/Regus pass.
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