AppFlowy Docs

Installing & Setting up Flutter on Linux from Source

This guide will show you how to install and get Flutter working to install AppFlowy. This should work for majority on Debian Based Distros.
Begin by running a system update with
sudo apt update
Then install the neccessary packages.
sudo apt install curl file git unzip xz-utils zip libglu1-mesa clang cmake \ ninja-build pkg-config libgtk-3-dev
Personally, I reccomend installing cmake & ninja-build from source. This is completely optional and not reccomended. cmake download ninja-build <- cmake is required to install ninja-build OR python.
Create a new Folder for Flutter
mkdir projectfolder


cd into the project folder you created earlier.
cd projectfolder
Extract the Flutter file
tar xvf ~/Downloads/flutter_linux_*-stable.tar.xz
Add Flutter to your environment PATH
export PATH="$PATH:[path-to-flutter-directory]/bin"
Optionally, you can also run
nano ~/.bashrc
and add the PATh there.
Replace [path-to-flutter-directory] in the above command with the actual path of the folder where you have extracted the Flutter.
For example, here we have created a folder called projectfolder and under it, we have extracted the folder. Hence the above command in our case will be:
export PATH="$PATH:~/projectfolder/flutter/bin"
Save the file by pressing Ctrl+O and then Ctr+X.

Reload Terminal Session

You can exit the terminal and reopen, or run
Check if the Flutter PATH is added into your shell.
echo $PATH
Once you've confirmed that flutter is installed and added to PATh, run
flutter --version
You should see a screen that welcomes you and the version.